SDG 5-Gender Equality

GAU provides opportunities to bridge the gender gap and achieve gender equality. The establishment of hyper-local businesses in the villages’ vicinity aids rural women and girls in becoming financially and socially self-sufficient. Cattle farming can help women develop jobs and become financially self-sufficient, allowing them to participate more actively in decision-making. Gau-based economies provide women with opportunities to meet household nutrition needs, increase their income, and get recognition as providers.
According to the Gennovate study, livestock farming provides women with opportunities to acquire their own asset base and provides building blocks for women’s empowerment. Cows rearing can change the trajectory of the lives of rural women and give them more freedom to work, study, and move freely in their community. Apart from animal rearing and dairying, women can be encouraged to set up small and micro units in food processing, manufacturing, service, or social sectors. This will help to close the gender gap and give girls and women the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership abilities. Thus, here are a few key points in the context of gender equality being the focus area of the GAU project:
-The gender gap will be bridged by volunteering opportunities for both men and women.
-As a result of this entire ecosystem, the corporate and non-profit sectors will help in training and educating everyone involved in GAU’s goals, with a focus on girls.
-As part of this ecosystem, girls will be encouraged to become ambassadors for many social issues and activities. They will be given the authority to lead groups of volunteers and workers. This would then lead to the development of leadership skills in females.

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