SDG 2 – Zero Hunger

A cow-centred economy pays attention to animal care, which ensures that the cows are well fed and taken good care of. Moreover, it also focuses on sustainable agriculture and biodiversity. This effectively means zero hunger both for the cows and humans. Cows provide milk and milk products such as curd, ghee, cheese, paneer, etc. All of these products are nutritious and provide the country’s predominantly vegetarian population with much-needed
animal protein.
The GAU ecosystem promotes gaushalas to look after the stray and sick cows. These Gaushalas house both productive and aged cows. Since the gaushalas are financially supported by this programme as well as by donations, they can give back to the community by providing milk products to the needy population at a nominal cost. The GAU platform offers employment generation potential too. This effectively means that the vulnerable members of society, who were struggling to get jobs will now get sustainable livelihoods and can feed their families

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