SDG 17 -Partnership for the Goals

A sustainable development agenda requires an effective partnership between the government, private sector, and civil society. The partnership should include financing development; developing proper networks to connect people through information technology; managing international trade flows, and developing modern tools for data collection and analysis.
GAU is being developed to facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships where each stakeholder can share knowledge, expertise, resources, and technology to support each other in achieving all the other sustainable development goals. GAU is a social impact-focused ecosystem, where anyone who wants to partner with other participants to achieve sustainable development goals can be on board with great ease.

  • GAU is being developed as a partnership model between the stakeholders, where each of them has to play an important role to play in order to achieve all the other goals.
  • Due to GAU being a tech-driven, transparent, and social impact-focused ecosystem, onboarding and partnering can be done with ease.
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