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Gai Aadharit Unnati, G. A .U
[Cow Based Development]

Revitalizing the agrarian economy with the STFS model

Join our initiative to mainstream destitute(stray) cows.

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Harnessing potential

Effective destitute(stray) cattle management and STFS model can save India 55B USD in foreign exchange.

Join our initiative to mainstream destitute(stray) cows.

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Let's make a sustainable impact together!

With proper management, 2-3 destitute(stray) cows can produce enough biogas to cook daily meals for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children).

Join our initiative to mainstream destitute(stray) cows.

Helping and empowering cow-based economy

Since the beginning of human civilization, the cow has served as the foundation of Indian agriculture. It has  provided us with an abundance of natural treasures, including dairy products, manure for fertilization, crops, vegetables, fruits, and various natural and medicinal properties. The products made from cow dung and urine have played a significant role in our agriculture-based economy, contributing to its flourishing state.


India has been and will continue to be an economy that thrives on cows. The forms of utilization may change over time, but we cannot overlook the immense contribution of cows to our well-being and economy. It is interesting to note that India is one of the largest milk producers in the world, accounting for approximately 23% of global milk production. Our dairy market is valued at 11.35 lakh crore, with exports amounting to 278.8 million USD (as per 2021 data).

Despite their significant contribution to our lives, the issue of stray cattle is growing day by day. According to estimates from the 20th livestock census, there are around 5 million stray cattle in India, and this number continues to increase.

In order to address this issue, G.A.U. (Gai Aadharit Unnati) came into existence. Through our social-technical-financial system (STFS), we are currently working with more than 8 Gaushalas (cow shelters) to reintegrate stray cattle into a self-sustained cow-based economy. So far, we have successfully managed to provide care for over 4000 stray and non-milching cattle, and our aim is to reach as many of our targets as possible in the coming months and years.

At G.A.U., we consider cows to be as dear to us as possible, and our seva (service) towards them is an aspect that touches the hearts of every Indian.

We strongly believe in the importance of bringing stray cows back into the mainstream and allowing them to once again live a respected, meaningful, and fulfilling life with the help of the STFS mode.

In conclusion, the cow holds immense significance in Indian agriculture and our overall economy. It is our duty to address the growing issue of stray cattle and work towards creating a self-sustained cow-based economy. Through G.A.U.’s efforts and the STFS approach, we are committed to ensuring the well-being and meaningful existence of cows in our society. Let us come together and support this cause to preserve our rich heritage and embrace a sustainable future for cows and our nation.

What is STFS?

After extensive consultations, interviews, and brainstorming sessions with experts in animal husbandry, agriculture, bioenergy, and the Indian economy, we have developed a comprehensive ecosystem to address the challenges of stray cattle and reintegrate them into the mainstream system. This ecosystem is known as the Social-Technical-Financial System (STFS).

The STFS process involves the following steps:

  1. Donors contribute funds through the GAU platform, a transparent and accountable channel.
  2. The GAU platform allows donors to track and monitor the specific cow for which they have made their donation.
  3. The funds are then utilized by an NGO to ensure the availability of fodder for Gaushalas through collaboration with a dedicated fodder-providing company.
  4. In return for the fodder, the Gaushala provides the company with an equivalent amount of dung on a daily basis, without any cost.
  5. The company effectively utilizes the dung for various purposes, including biogas generation, creating a positive impact with the support of the NGO.
  6. The representative NGO takes responsibility for the smooth operation, monitoring, and evaluation of the entire process.

In this holistic ecosystem, donors play a crucial role as the first layer of providers, sustaining and nurturing this model. Together, let us contribute to an economy that can sustain the overall framework of our society. Each contribution makes a difference and helps in creating a sustainable future for both cows and our communities.

Join us in supporting this initiative and become a part of the transformation towards a more inclusive and prosperous society. Together, we can make a lasting impact and ensure the well-being of stray cattle while fostering a sustainable economy for the betterment of all

Trust us, your donations will contribute to grow and thrive our cow based STFS model

Transparency blueprint

In order to enhance precision and transparency, we have harnessed the power of technology to track and monitor your contributions. You can conveniently log in to our portal and easily track our gaushalas and individual cows.

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