GAI Aadharit Unnati (GAU):
Bridging Stray Cows to Mainstream Economy

GAU seeks to integrate stray cows into the mainstream economy. Our journey began with an enlightening experience, backed by a well-researched working paper from IIM Ahmedabad to ensure we tread the right path.

Through the STFS (Social Technical Financial system) concept, we’ve built a robust mechanism to ensure every penny is optimally utilized for our cause – bringing stray cows to the mainstream.

Our Vision:

Cow based economy to ensure a balanced Environmental, Social and Governance system

Our Mission:

By 2035, our goal is to mainstream 50 lakhs stray cows.

Join us in this noble mission, as we work tirelessly to transform the lives of these innocent beings and create a more sustainable future for all.

Team Profile

Mr. Gaurav Kedia

CEO and Co-Founder

Mr. Nishant Krishna

CTO and Co-Founder

Ms. Aprajita Mishra

Chief Social Officer

Mr. Abhijeet Mukherjee



Idea and process partner

Tech Partner

Knowledge Partner

Implementation Partner

Bond with Cows


GauDaan is the most powerful and pure donation anyone can do in their lifetime. It is believed that by performing GauDaan, a person can absolve themselves of all their sins. In this context, the GAU vision aims to ensure transparency in the whole system. Few of the important points to note are: Pratyaksh cow will be donated. Gau Puja will be performed before giving Danam. Technology will bring transparency regarding a cow’s status even after its donated.


A scientific approach shall be taken to prove and adopt the claims made by Sadhus in India, such as the concept of cuddling a cow. Although this practice is rooted in Ancient traditions, it is gaining popularity in Holland( and now in the USA) under the name “Koe Knufflen” (literally “cow hugging” in Dutch). Clicking on “read more” reveals that even being licked by cows is considered part of this therapeutic practice. . This has been a practice elucidated in several ancient texts in India.


With more than 60% of people of Indian origin across the world who may be looking for authentic cow-based products including milk, ghee, and other including puja items, There is a gap in the market. [After clicking on read more] A modern technology-driven authentic e-commerce platform shall even give an opening to people at the so-called bottom of the pyramid. A competency development program is envisaged to promote a cow – centric economy.

Revitalizing our agrarian economy with our STFS model

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