GAU app helps donors track the animal’s care in Lucknow


LUCKNOW: If you are an ardent donor to cow gaushalas but do not get to know the progress of cows there, the latest Gau Aadharit Unnati (GAU) Vision app comes to your rescue.
A team of researchers from IIM-Ahmedabad and APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, with the support from Indian Biogas Association has developed a working model that uses facial recognition technology for stray bovines and links them to the donors.

Currently undergoing trial in Kanha Upvan, this Al-based model involves machine learning-aided facial recognition technology for non-milch stray cows with an aim of helping donors track their contributions in real-time while ensuring good care of them through partnering gaushalas and NGOs.

“This machine learning model helps recognise a cow’s face from a live cow or a photo of the cow. This works similar to facial recognition functions for human faces, but with a slight twist. Human facial recognition functions by gauging the distances between features like lips and eyebrows, the animal is recognised based on patterns and shapes on cows’ faces and skins,” said Nishant Krishna, co-founder of TechMachinery Labs responsible for developing the GAU
Vision app.

Part of a working paper titled ‘Gai Aadharit Unnati (GAU):
Modernizing Cow-based Economy through Application of Advanced Technology’ by IIM Ahmedabad, the GAU Vision model highlights that in an Indian agrarian economy, non-milch cows are either sent to slaughterhouses (in states where that’s allowed or are simply left to roam streets and fields as impoverished owners find themselves unable to support the cost of fodder and maintenance.

AKTU VC PK Mishra, co-author of the paper, said, “Our model uses technology th set up a socio-technical-financial system that will take care of non-milch cows. For donors, GAU Vision app will work in a similar manner like school report card where parents can track child’s progress.”

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